School Board Selects Design Concept For New School

WELDON, NC 22 MARCH 2023- The Weldon City Schools Board of Education invited members of the public to view and be informed about the six proposed concepts for the new combined middle and high school. Architects from RATIO, the design firm contracted for the new school project, were on-hand for the meeting to answer questions from the public and to capture their feedback. RATIO staff presented poster board and digital 3-D renderings of the proposed building concepts. Meeting attendees were given a preference sheet on which they could mark their desired design concept preference(s).

Many in the attendance expressed their backing for the new project. “I didn’t expect that we’d get a new school  this quickly,” said Ms. Mattie Adams, community member. “And, anything that can help [Weldon] like this new school is something that I can support,” she added.

Some current Weldon students came to the meeting as well. “I wanted to know more about the middle school and high school being put together,” offered Shyshawnye Adams, a student at Roanoke Valley Early College. Currently, Weldon has its secondary schools located in separate buildings.

Weldon City Schools staff worked with the design firm in order to bring the combined middle and high school concept to the Weldon Board of Education. “The concept of the middle and high school together is appealing,” said Mr. Chester Alston, a 1972 graduate of Weldon High School. “It’s clear a lot of work has gone into the plans for the new school,” he added.

At the end of the public meeting, the Board announced the results of the community preference sheets. Overwhelmingly, the community members in attendance chose concept #5 (known as “Splay”) for the design of the new school. Consequently, the Board voted unanimously to approve the Splay design concept for the new 6-12 school.